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Typing Pal is a typing program for beginners and old hands alike
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Typing Pal is a tool developed by De Marque inc. This program allows users to learn how to type in a right way with a fast speed. This application is pretty simple in use, contains a lot of tips for those who wants to learn typing. Since computer is an integral part of our life, every person needs to learn how to type. Ability to type may be useful not only at work, but even when you work at your home computer.
Once you have started the program you will need to create your user profile. While creating the profile you will have to select an assistant character, there are two of them. Then you should choose the course you would like to pass. It will be easier to choose, if you read help file first. But if you still have difficulties, the program will suggest you to pass a classification test which will determine your typing speed and number of mistakes. That is the last step in the creation of the user profile. Then you may start with exercises; you will start with easy one, making you type just two characters. One by one you will pass to difficult exercises, making you type a whole text.

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  • Includes training course for Spanish keyboard


  • There are similar programs available for free
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